Over 95% of respondents to a recent survey said that they would recommend the UKESF Scheme to another company

With the participation of our sponsor companies, we are delighted to say that the UKESF Scholarship Scheme has become even more successful this year. We really appreciate their support and wanted to share some highlights from the current academic year…

Employer Satisfaction

As our Scheme grows and more employers join, we are extremely pleased that employer satisfaction remains exceptionally high. A recent survey[1] told us:

  • Over 95% of respondents said that they would recommend the UKESF Scheme to another company.
  • 86% rated the students that applied through our Scheme better than other applicants for internships.
  • 100% of companies agreed that the Scheme represented value for money.
  • Over 90% rated the service provided by the UKESF as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

High Quality Applicants

We have 21 partner universities right across the UK, and we continue to attract really high-quality students from these leading universities.

This year we received over 280 applicants from undergraduates, and the number of UKESF Scholarships awarded to rose by 26% compared to the previous academic year. It is pleasing that 16% of Scholarships were awarded to female students, a 5% increase.

Successful Work Placements

Gaining experience though work placements is at the heart of our Scholarship Scheme. We have had some great feedback on the value that students have gained from their placements:

“My experience as a UKESF scholar has been fantastic, and I recommend the scheme to anyone considering a career in the Electronics industry.” Ricki (University of Southampton/UltraSoc, now acquired by Siemens)

“I absolutely loved my placement, it was nothing like any job I have done before; it was intellectually stimulating, exciting and really fun.” Brendan (University of Southampton/VivaMOS, now acquired by Nordson)

External Awards

Our graduated scholars have continued to receive national recognition. Electronics Weekly selected four former UKESF Scholars as part of the group of ‘BrightSparks’ for 2019. In November, Emma Curati-Alasonatti (University of Southampton/Arm) became the TechWorks’ Young Engineer of the Year.

Scholar Destinations

Helping the industry tackle its skill shortage and encouraging more young people to pursue careers in Electronics is what the UKESF is all about.

Since 2012, over 220 students have completed a UKESF Scholarship. Of these, more than 83% are employed by Electronics or Technology companies; a further 14% are studying for a PhD or doing research at a university. Around half of graduates are working for a UKESF sponsor company.


[1]              A survey completed by 21 scholarship supporting companies in April/May 2019.