"Our technology enables the creation of new markets and transformation of industries and society."

Arm Ltd

Arm Ltd

Our Scholarships

Placement location Type of Placements Offered Restrictions/Notes
Cambridge or Sheffield

Any placements

* No first year students

2019/20 Scholarships

  • Multi-year agreement including bursaries, work placements and one-off attendance at Workshop
  • Mulitple new scholarships

Our Internships

2019/20 Internships

  • One-off summer placement at the end of your first/foundation year
  • We are expecting to offer multiple new internships in Cambridge or Sheffield

Who we are and what we do

Arm is at the heart of the world’s most advanced digital products. Our technology enables the creation of new markets and transformation of industries and society. We design scalable, energy efficient-processors and related technologies to deliver the intelligence in applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, enterprise infrastructure and the Internet of Things.

Our innovative technology is licensed by Arm Partners who have shipped more than 50 billion Systems on Chip (SoCs) containing our intellectual property since the company began in 1990. Together with our Connected Community, we are breaking down barriers to innovation for developers, designers and engineers, ensuring a fast, reliable route to market for leading electronics companies.

With offices around the world, Arm is a diverse community of dedicated, innovative and highly talented professionals. By enabling an inclusive, meritocratic and open workplace where all our people can grow and succeed, we encourage our people to share their unique contributions to Arm’s success in the global marketplace. Our culture is open and relaxed, where collaboration and contribution are central to progress. From day one you will work alongside some of the brightest minds in the business, with plenty of on-going training and client exposure.

What you could be doing during your work placement

Whether you’re interested in experience of our engineering or corporate groups, we recruit students into our internship program at all stages of university education.

The kinds of students who thrive at Arm take their love of learning beyond their experience of formal education and develop ideas in their own time. This is the energy that interests us.

Our global intern program is specifically designed to build key skills during your time with us – and for your time at university. You’ll have constant expert support and the opportunity to attend tailored training sessions.

You’ll also be offered a rich range of social experiences which you’ll find invaluable for network building.

Your journey need not end once you’ve completed your internship – you’ll have the opportunity to spread the Arm message as part of our campus teams. A large number of our interns go on to join us as graduates as part of our commitment to developing the talent of the future.

Meet one of our UKESF Scholars

University of Southampton
Degree Course:
MEng Electronic Engineering

How did you become interested in Electronics?

I was inspired to pursue an education in electronics by a teacher in secondary school; I found the process of designing a PCB to be as small as possible very interesting. Since then the complexity of designs being implemented on such small scales inspired me to pursue IC design and implementation. I still have an interest in the larger scale analogue circuits and work on them regularly in projects I do at home, but my real passion currently is digital design using hardware description languages to be manufactured or implemented on FPGAs.

Why should applicants choose Arm?

The atmosphere at Arm is incredible, at work you are treated as a full employee and part of the team. You are never made to feel less important than other members of the team because you are an intern and the hierarchical ladder can feel very relaxed, even people three or four levels your superior will treat your ideas and work as important and useful. The large number of graduates and interns means its very easy to settle in and make friends while you are there, which makes work more enjoyable and ensures there is never a shortage of things to do outside of office hours. The work you do at Arm is important and groundbreaking, it is a great experience for learning more about the industry and modern technologies while also making friends and enjoying your summer or year placement.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a climber, I like training in the climbing wall so that when I return home for Christmas and Easter holidays I can go out to the Peak District with my family and not be shown up by my siblings who have the opportunity to climb there all the time.

Why did you apply to the UKESF?

1) I was inspired to pursue an education in electronics by a teacher in secondary school, without that teacher showing me electronics and guiding/helping me with projects that I was doing outside of school I would have never followed this path and found the subject I am good at and enjoy. Electronics is my passion and I feel it could be many other peoples passions if they are inspired like I was and with the UKESF I can get involved with projects to do that.

2) Having an internship during the summers at university allows you to save up a bit of money and live more comfortably the next year at university, but it also teaches you more skills. These skills can help you back at university and also make you much more employable after completion of your studies.

Meet one of our Engineers

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Job Title:
Graduate Engineer

Why I chose to work at Arm

I knew little of Arm before applying. I was aware of their interest in the design of lower power processors and the wide adoption of their designs in the embedded systems market (e.g. mobile phones and MP3 players). On further investigation, I read Arm had won lots of awards on being a great company to work for, which meant that when time came to apply, I could do so without reservation.

The type of work I have done since joining Arm

Since joining Arm in March of 2008 as a Processor Division Graduate Engineer, I have participated in their rotation program. This involved one short four week project, and three longer three month projects. My work included writing validation tests in ARM assembler, RTL design and optimisation, and a bit of Perl scripting.

How I have been supported as a graduate

The Cambridge Processor Division Graduate Program offers a large amount of support for incoming graduates. This is given directly by three main people, a Graduate Line Manager, a Technical Lead, and a Graduate Buddy. These people respectively look after your career development, project technical issues, and all things social, which makes the transition to professional engineering a much less daunting task.

The social activities at Arm for graduates

Arm provides many events for its employees to socialise and relax. The first is the great summer BBQ with plenty of food, beer kegs, and bumper cars. Another is black tie Christmas party, with street artists, giant size slot car racers, casino, cocktail bar, and a funky theme.
I would definitely recommend this job to anybody from a background of hardware or software engineering with a desire to become involved in the design of modern processors.