Name: Ilias

Job Title: Analog/RF IC Design Engineer

What inspires me about Electronics

They say that physics is the science that attempts to explain how everything from atoms to planets behaves; and that mathematics is the tool to model this behaviour. On the other hand, engineering, and especially electrical and electronic engineering, uses physics and mathematics to create new things, often on which our modern society is highly dependent ─ radio, TV and the internet included. As an electronic engineering student or professional, instead of trying to just explain, or model, how, say, the earth is moving, you can get even more satisfaction by building your own AM/FM radio or designing the chip found inside the latest iPhone. Following this career path gave me the rare opportunity to make my hobby a career.

Why I chose Hanwha Phasor

Hanwha Phasor is one of the very few companies based in the UK working in the area of electronically-steered antenna arrays. These enhance the performance of wireless communication and radar systems and form the basis of the modern 5G/6G cellular or satellite networks used in a broad spectrum of applications from automotive radars to portable wireless internet. I chose Hanwha Phasor to pursue my career as a chip designer because I was impressed with the innovation and ground-breaking work of the dedicated team that follows in the footsteps of great British innovators including Alan Turing and Sir Robert Alexander Watson Watt.

Why my work gives me professional satisfaction

After six years in industry, I know that the most important elements of job satisfaction are sufficiently challenging work; and an environment that allows employees to flourish. At Hanwha Phasor, we have both. The work is so exciting that each day we feel like newborn babies seeing the world for the first time! Moreover, there is no micromanagement ─ employees are trusted and free to perform tasks without unnecessary bureaucracy. We are one big family, which embraces and offers unconditional support to each of its members.

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