Name: Max

Job Title: Graduate Engineer, ARM

How did you become interested in Electronics?

From a young age I was interested in taking things apart and building things (as I’m sure all scholars were!). I always had a project on the go, whether it was constructing a tree house in the garden, coding up a website or building contraptions with my Lego robotics set.

Did you study Electronics at GCSE or A-level? What inspired you?

Unfortunately my local school did not offer either Electronics or Computing as an option for GCSE or A-level study, thus my interest in Electronics mainly came from extra-curricular activities. In terms of inspiration, it was my mother who noticed my passion for building and inventing, and who first suggested engineering as a potential area to continue study and/or find a career when I finished school.

How did you choose what to study at university?

It was at school where I was introduced to Music Technology, as I enjoyed using the school’s recording studio and assisting with the technical side of school productions, as well as playing an instrument myself. I elected to study Music Technology for A-level alongside the usual Physics and Maths. This later led to my decision to study for a degree in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems at the University of York.

How was your experience as a UKESF Scholar?

I was awarded a scholarship in the third year of my degree so the following summer I completed an internship at my sponsoring company and attended the UKESF Scholar Workshop. I found both experiences extremely useful in gaining skills to use in completing my final year of study; learning first-hand about the industry and developing my engineering skills, which have been valuable in returning to work as a graduate.

Where do you work now?

I currently work at ARM as a Graduate Engineer, working in the CPU Design and Verification team in Cambridge. Thanks to a well-structured graduate rotation programme I have enjoyed developing my technical skills in a variety of projects and roles over the last nine months. I have also had the opportunity to develop important business skills relating to networking and leadership, as well as meeting some exceptionally talented people.

Why do you love working in Electronics?

I love working in such an exciting and innovative industry where I am able to apply both my creativity and technical knowhow in a very rewarding role. I am very grateful to the UKESF and ARM for the opportunity presented by the scholarship scheme, which certainly provided me with strong foundations on which to build a career in the Electronics industry.

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