Name: Helen

Job Title: Dynamic Modelling Engineer

Why I chose to work for AWE

I graduated with a BEng (Hons) in Robotics and Cybertronics from Heriot-Watt University.

The thing that impressed me most about AWE when I was considering who to apply for was the company’s commitment to the training and development of its staff. Like most people who work here, I was also keen to make a meaningful contribution to the defence of our nation.

When I left university, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. But another great thing about AWE is the flexibility; you are able to move around and try different things. So when you want a new challenge, there’s no need to uproot and move to a different company.

In my current role

I create dynamic models of systems and investigate and improve the dynamic modelling tools and techniques we use. I am the Technical Lead for this work area, which means that I get to decide the direction we should take and make that happen. I also hold the role of Verification and Validation Lead on a collaborative project we’re tackling with colleagues in the US.

I’ve only been here two years but already I’ve been offered loads of great opportunities and responsibility. As well as the chance to work with different people and travel to America. I’ve also completed a number of placements within the company. One of which involved working as part of the safety interlock team on the ORION laser project.

If you’re thinking of applying to AWE

I’d say go for it. When you graduate, it’s important to work for a company that will support your ongoing development. And one that will apply the theory you’ve learnt at university to some real and challenging projects. Not all companies can do that, but AWE can.

and personally…

I aim to achieve chartered status and gain another promotion, then take my technical area on to new levels of innovation. I’d also like to be the technical lead on a project in the future.

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