Name: Ashley

Job Title: Logical Design Engineer

Why I chose to work at Graphcore

The opportunity to work on a brand new chip architecture competing in the AI space. I have always had an interest in machine learning so it was a great opportunity to learn more and apply the skills I have already gained at the same time. The company also has the great start-up feeling without the restriction on resources, and of course this includes the work culture!

What I do

My core role is implementing the microarchitecture for the chip. This involves writing SystemVerilog, generating microarchitecture documentation and working with architects on the specification. In the course of my time here I have also been involved with verification, characterisation and design for test. Engineers at Graphcore have the ability to shape their own workload and moving between disciplines is encouraged, so I look forward to trying something different soon.

My background & advice for current students

I studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton and during the second year I applied for the UKESF. I was accepted for a scholarship by securing a place at Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR has since been acquired by Qualcomm).

When graduating in 2014 I decided to try something different and joined Cambridge Design Partnership to get good exposure to many different projects through a consultancy. I enjoyed the large breadth of projects and learnt a lot for my time there, but in 2017 I wanted to move back to chip design and Graphcore were reaching out for new people.

My advice to students is to use this opportunity to sample working in different disciplines. This could be requesting to move teams within a company or trying a different company completely after your scholarship.

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