“This award will not only benefit myself, but also those I work with now and in the future.”
Lauren Page

The recipient of the 2018 Skills 4 UK Scholar’s Award is Lauren Page (UKESF Scholar 2016–19), who studies at the University of Surrey and is sponsored by Renesas.

Lauren will receive a place on Skills 4 UK’s award-winning Career Development Programme, as well as additional coaching. This award takes into account academic performance, placement feedback and STEM-awareness contribution.

Lauren said, “To me, winning the award represents an opportunity to engage with the wider Engineering and Electronics community as well as allowing me to meet some wonderful and inspiring people. Not only was it a lovely opportunity to dress up and celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies within the industry, it was also a chance to see my UKESF mentor Emma Curati-Alasonatti celebrated with her win of Young Engineer of the Year!

“I hope to use the experiences offered by the award to continue to inspire myself within Engineering, and to use the skills it offers to be a better role model for the next generation of STEM students. Meeting the wonderful people at the UKESF and at the TechWorks event, who have nothing but encouragement to offer to myself and others in my position, has made me further realise the importance of supporting and raising up others. This award will not only benefit myself, but also those I work with now and in the future.”

UKESF CEO Stew Edmondson said, “We really appreciate all Skills 4 UK’s support for all our female scholars and especially for this award. It is fantastic that Lauren has been selected this year; it’s a brilliant opportunity which should help her make the transition into industry. Diversity is such an important issue for the whole of Electronics sector, that is why I am pleased this collaboration with Jayne Little and Skills 4 UK; we are doing something specific and beneficial.”

Congratulations Lauren!