"Being at the forefront of this and making a difference to so many people's lives is an opportunity difficult to resist!" Josh

Name: Josh

Sponsor: AWE

University: University of Nottingham

Degree Course: MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

What appeals to me about Electronics?

The electronics field is extremely open and exciting, with so many options throughout university and many more after. On my placement is it plain to see how important electronics is and how it fits into everything around us. Electronics as a subject is so important to the advancement of lots of different fields and moving forward into a sustainable world. Being at the forefront of this and making a difference to so many people’s lives is an opportunity difficult to resist!

Why I chose AWE?

AWE is an exciting company with so much to offer. The scholarship gave me a great opportunity to work with some of the best engineers and scientists in the world at the forefront of nuclear safety, a topic that is essential to keeping the country and our way of life as it is. At AWE there is lots of promising technology that I’ve never had the chance to use. The electronics program spans lots of different areas within electronics, with the company being open to ideas and helping find a mutually beneficial position for me to work on new projects.

My placement and its value

On my placement, after only a month I am getting on with more than one project. I have got a few projects developing, one is working with new technology carrying out new testing based on charge with new objects within the company. I have chosen to pursue a very hands-on roll at the company so I can get see the changes and provide tangible results to my peers! This has shown me new strengths and highlighted where I can improve and advance technically and personally outside of the academic world.

My interests

Outside of work most of my time is taken up by sports, playing badminton and football. Last year I played for the electrical and electronic engineers society football team. I also go to the gym as regularly as I can because I feel it is a great way to clear my head in the evenings and get away from any stresses.

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