Name: Jenny

Job Title: Graduate Systems Engineer

Why Electronics is important

While studying for a degree in Electronic Engineering I learnt analytical techniques, computer programming, MatLab modelling, engineering design and more! This all helped me realise my potential in systems and software, as studying electronics teaches you to problem solve, a skill which can be transferred to all types of engineering.

My experience at Leonardo

I first worked at Leonardo as a summer placement after my second year at university, as I was keen to apply knowledge from my degree to industry. During my first summer placement I worked in Supportability engineering, where I enjoyed learning how to code in Visual Basic but I didn’t get to use my electronics knowledge as much as I had hoped.

I went back to Leonardo and completed a second summer placement, this time I worked in Test engineering. I enhanced my knowledge of hardware engineering drawing, circuit design and soldering. I also got involved in a coding project again. I really enjoyed this project because I was more confident in my coding ability and the software I was using, LabView, had a visual block diagram coding style. I found that I preferred my coding project to my other work especially the coding that had a visual element.

What I do now

I work in the Support and Service Solutions stream of Leonardo Airborne and Space Systems. I am a Graduate Systems Engineer; in my role I have engaged with customers, carried out stakeholder analyses and captured requirements for products. I enjoy working in a dynamic environment where I can use my skills as an engineer to design and improve the products. My team develop mobile and website applications to support data collection in the Typhoon repairs supply chain. I use my knowledge of coding from my degree and my summer placements in engineering to design and code data analysis tools and mobile wireframe prototypes.

Something about me

I am involved with the sport and social club at Leonardo where I run the site badminton club. As a graduate engineer I have the opportunity to get involved with running STEM outreach events, it is really rewarding to see school students get enthusiastic about engineering.

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