Name: David

Job Title: Senior Engineer

Why Engineering?

I have always loved Maths and Science, but always found I needed to know the answer to why something worked, or how I could apply that knowledge in the real world. Engineering for me was the perfect fit, using science, technology and Maths to solve real world problems and make a difference.

What its like to work for BAE Systems

I studied Engineering Science (MEng) at Oxford University, and had my first taste of BAE Systems during an internship in the summer of my 3rd year at university. I applied to BAE Systems simply because, as a leader in the cyber-security sector, it seemed like the ideal place to be on the front-line of technical progress in electronics engineering, and it didn’t disappoint! First as an intern, then a graduate and now as a senior engineer at the company, I have been constantly challenged to solve tough problems, and continually explore and develop my knowledge as an electronics engineer.

Due to the fast-paced nature of cyber security, we often work in smaller project teams, and have to be really adaptable in how we work. This gives me a wonderful blend of the small company / large company ways of working. We give all of our engineers plenty of responsibility from day 1, and are compelled to be creative and collaborate within a close knit team. In the work I do, I still feel the heritage of BAE Systems, the long-standing care we have for our customer missions and values. Working for such a well-known and respected engineering company, you really feel like you can be a force for change.

A day in the life at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

No day is the same at BAE Systems. You could speak to each electronics engineer here; and they would have a different story to tell. Personally, I love building things, and work primarily as a hardware development engineer. I am able to take a new concept or idea; and design some electronics to solve a problem or provide cutting edge capability for our customers. Seeing something I have designed come to life in the flesh never gets old.

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