Name: Cumar

Job Title: Engineer

From school to university

I enjoyed studying mainly the science subjects at school, such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I chose to study Engineering at University because I was interested in the subject and, in particular, wanted to learn how things worked and how to make and design the things that I used in my daily life. I did a few work placements before and during university.

Before university, I did two weeks of work shadowing at two different companies, RSK and Johnson Matthey. This involved shadowing an environmental and automotive engineer at the respective companies. During the degree, I did two 10-week internships. At the end of my first year, I interned at the software company MetaSwitch and the end of my third year I interned at UltraSoC. I now work for Siemens, which acquired UltraSoC in 2020.

Why I chose to work for Siemens

I enjoyed my internship and liked the environment and the work I was doing.

My work at Siemens

My responsibilities lie on the Regression and Verification side of Silicon chip design. In particular, I am responsible for making enhancements for the current Regression Testing system, which involved writing scripts in the programming language Perl. I am also working on writing test-benches used to verify the design of complex Silicon chips.

During my free time

I have a variety of personal interests. I play the trombone with the Cambridge University Brass Band – a band that I joined as a student. I enjoy cycling and go go-karting with the university club.

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