Name: Arhum

Job Title: Graduate Engineer

What inspires you about Electronics?

Electronics has allowed me to understand what goes on in devices that we use every day and may take for granted, such as navigation systems, mobile phones, and touch sensors. In today’s day and age where electronic systems can “talk” to each other with the help of artificial intelligence, being in the electronics field means being at the forefront of technological development that will impact society for years to come.

Why I chose to work at AccelerComm

One of the main reasons I chose AccelerComm was that it is a rapidly growing start-up. I had an offer from a multinational semiconductor company but chose to go with AccelerComm because I felt my scope of learning would be much vaster here. As a graduate, I wanted to experience the whole spectrum of engineering and what better place to get that than at a start-up!

Tell us about your work

So far in my one year at AccelerComm, I have been involved in hardware engineering, software engineering and IP verification. I have utilised the skillset I built at university to design a software tool to formulate register maps in various programming languages given the input of a single definition of a register map. I have also been involved in hardware design and verification, by making key contributions to the company’s constantly evolving High PHY solution which is aimed at providing high performance 5G implementations. As I had planned, my experience at AccelerComm has been very varied and has given me the chance to explore many different facets of engineering.

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