Name: Adam

Job Title: Electronic Engineer

How did you get here?

I love that electronics is all around us, continuously changing the world, and developing at a faster than any other technology in history. I love that it is endlessly complex; there will always be more to learn about anything you want to learn more about. Most of all, I love being at the forefront of new technological development.

The more I learnt about Waters, the more I thought it was a great opportunity. I initially chose Waters because of the wide range of specialisms within electronics which I would be able to get a flavour for, and because I liked that it created products that have a huge and wide-reaching impact on human health. When I started my placement, the other engineers were incredibly welcoming (and if I’m being honest, patient), making sure I felt like I was of the team. Since graduating from university, and the UKESF Scholarship Scheme, I have now started a graduate job with Waters.

What have you been working on?

During my university placement, as part of the EEE team, another scholar and I worked to redesign and update a part used in many of Waters’ products so that it can be made more cheaply. This involved hardware design and the development of FPGA firmware, and gave me experience of a full, if accelerated, design project from start to end. What I enjoyed about the project was that it integrated with other projects that the company was working on, and that I got to work closely with other full-time engineers during the project.

What are your personal interests?

My main interests outside of electronics are languages and linguistics – I am proficient in Spanish, and my current fixations are French and Japanese. I also enjoy travelling and reading, particularly science fiction and attempting foreign-language books in the original language.


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