"The UKESF is doing a fantastic job of encouraging more young people to study Electronics and embark on a career in one of the world’s most important and dynamic industries."

Georgie Barrat, Technology Journalist & Broadcaster


To effectively tackle the skills shortage a long-term campaign is needed to raise awareness of Electronics among schoolchildren. The UKESF is taking this challenge on with an ever-expanding programme of exciting Electronics activities, inspiring students about Electronics at school and encouraging them to pursue STEM subjects through to A-level.

We provide opportunities for Electronics companies to engage with children. With our help, employers can help to shape their employees of tomorrow and benefit the sector as a whole.

Some of our educational activities

Promoting Electronics to A-level Physics and Computer Science Students

Companies can make a real difference and help promote Electronics in schools by supporting our Electronics Everywhere project. With your support, we want to provide an opportunity for children to develop their interest in Electronics and engineering, through the school curriculum, in schools across the UK.

Electronics Everywhere shows young people how engaging Electronics can be. In collaboration with the University of Southampton, the UKESF provides specially designed circuit boards to teach core Electronics concepts to A-level students in Physics (the Music Mixer) and Computer Science (the Logic & Arithmetic Kit).

Insight into Electronics

Launched in 2021, Insight into Electronics offers young people the chance to complete their own self-paced, hands-on project, using an Arduino. The course is aimed at students in Years 10-13 studying at a UK based school or sixth form college, and is a fantastic introduction to Electronics. To learn more about the launch of the project, read our News Story here.