"Part of the reason why I am studying engineering is because a female engineer gave an assembly at my school when I was younger and hence, I would like to get involved in inspiring other girls to become engineers as well."

UKESF Scholar, 2021

Scholar Outreach

The T&Cs of the Scholarship Scheme state that all scholars should help the UKESF in its work to inform more young people about Electronics and encourage them to consider studying it and pursuing a career in the sector. You are free to choose how you get involved with outreach activities, as long as you make some form of contribution at least once for each year of your scholarship.

The following download contains suggestions of outreach activities you could organise yourself:

Scholar Outreach – Overview

If you are delivering a talk, the downloads below form a pack that will help you get started:

Scholar Outreach – Talks Introduction

‘Get Connected’ Flyer


6 Reasons to Study Electronics

Talk Framework & Advice

PowerPoint Presentation

Letter of Introduction

One option to introduce or conclude your talk could be to show the following video, produced by the UKESF as part of our #TurnOnToElectronics campaign:

Three scholars from the University of Edinburgh who went above and beyond the outreach obligations of their scholarships by developing and running their own hands-on electronics workshop wrote a guest blog post about their experiences.