"Without a doubt the UKESF has had a tremendous impact on the start of my career and for that I am very grateful. "

UKESF Scholar, 2016–19

Application Process and Advice

How to apply

  1. Check if you meet our eligibility requirements.
  2. Have a look at the comparison table to see what the different companies are offering.
  3. Select the first company you would like to apply to.
  4. Scroll down to read our application advice or download this detailed guide.
  5. After you’ve submitted the first application, you can apply to up to three other companies. Most details will be copied from your first application, but you can amend it as necessary.

What happens next

  • We check your application to ensure eligibility and company-specific requirements are met before sending it to the companies.
  • The companies select who they would like to interview and contact candidates directly to arrange interviews.
  • Interviews normally take place in late November, December or January – scroll down to read our interview advice.
  • We contact you with the outcome of your interview in mid-February.

Successful candidates

You may receive one or multiple scholarship offers. You will need to make a decision whether or not to accept fairly quickly, but please contact us if you need to discuss the terms of the offer.

For tips on making your summer work placement a success, check this blog post.

NOTE: There is no obligation for the company to offer you employment when you graduate, nor are you obliged to accept if an offer is made.


We may contact you between November and January to give you the opportunity to submit additional applications. This could be for a new company joining the UKESF Scholarship Scheme, or an existing company who would like to review more applications. Please ensure emails sent from UKESF to your university email account are not marked as spam, so that you don’t miss out on any additional opportunities.

If you are not successful in obtaining a scholarship this year, you are welcome to apply again next year.