“Agreement by the Government for this Standard … is a significant milestone and it offers a major opportunity for employers.”

The UKESF is delighted to announce the publication of a new Apprenticeship Standard for the Electronics Sector. The Standard, at Level 7, is for the occupation of ‘Electronic Systems Principal Engineer’; it is aimed at post-graduate engineers and has been developed with a group of major employers. It has been approved for delivery, with a funding allocation of £14,000, by the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education, as Stew Edmondson (CEO, UKESF) explains:

“The Government has been encouraging employers to take ownership of the skills agenda for some time. We have been helping employers engage with apprenticeships and, in conjunction with TechWorks, have been working with a group of leading employers to develop this new apprenticeship standard. As the Standard is a post-graduate qualification, it reflects what the Electronics industry in the UK really wants and needs. It will provide a way for those Levy-paying employers to channel their payments into skills development and for non-contributing companies to access Levy funds to fund the development of their engineers.

“Agreement by the Government for this Standard, with a funding allocation of £14,000 per apprentice, is a significant milestone and it offers a major opportunity for employers. We are now encouraging universities to offer programmes aligned to this Standard and for a widespread uptake across the Electronics industry.”

Details of the Standard can be found HERE.

Employers can find out more by contacting the UKESF ([email protected]) and via this Degree Apprenticeship Factsheet.