In this series of posts we will hear from those involved with the creation of the UKESF, reflect on some of the highlights and catch up with some graduated Scholars

The UKESF’s 10th Anniversary: Introduction

As the UKESF moves into its second decade, our Foundation is developing all the time. We are seeing our undergraduate Scholarship Scheme go from strength to strength and we are creating even more initiatives to encourage young people into Electronics. However, it is important to pause and take a moment, reflect and look back over the last 10 years. In this series of posts we will ask those involved in the creation of the UKESF to share their stories, reflect on some of the highlights of the last 10 years and catch up with some of the students who have graduated from our Scholarship Scheme.

To get started, here’s a video we created last summer to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, giving a brief history of our story and achievements since our founding in 2010:

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