Insight Into Electronics

‘Insight Into Electronics’ is an exciting new initiative from the UKESF. It is a self-paced, interactive and FREE course that provides young people with a hands-on introduction to microcontrollers, Electronics and programming. A collaboration between the UKESF and Aston University, the course is specifically designed for UK-based sixth formers and KS4 pupils (S3 in Scotland) interested in Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science. It will provide a fascinating insight into these technologies, for those thinking about studying these subjects at college or university.

Many thanks to the Scotland 5G Centre for their support of this initiative.

Sign Up

There is currently a waiting list to receive a kit. If you are an individual UK student in Year 10-13, please register your interest HERE.

If you are a teacher, interested in finding out more about the resources available to you/your school, please email [email protected]

Download the Guide

Download the ‘Insight Into Electronics’ course guide HERE.

Watch the Video

The following video introduces the kit and covers everything you need to know to get started with programming and uploading your own code to the board.

The extension video below serves as a guide for creating your own projects using the kit, showing the design procedure of a spirit level program using the accelerometer and OLED display on the board. Click HERE to download the code needed for the level meter.


Is it really free – is there a catch?

It’s really free and there’s no catch! Complete the course in your own time and there’s no need to return the board.

Do you ship outside the UK?

No, the course is limited to UK residents only.

What happens if the Arduino doesn’t work – who do I contact?

Please email [email protected].

If I need more help understanding how to programme the Arduino, who can I ask?

Please email [email protected].

Where can I find more information about careers in Electronics?

Visit the UKESF’s Find Out More About Electronics page.

Where can I find out more about projects using the Arduino?

A good place to start is the Arduino project hub, via this link.

Where can I purchase additional resources and components?

Search for “Arduino kit” on the Internet and you’ll find many pre-made kits containing common electronic components.

What do I need to support this project?

You will need a PC, Mac or laptop using Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. The Arduino software is not easily compatible with the Chromebook operating system.

The guide and videos look good but before I start, I was wondering whether the code that was running on the board when I received it was available somewhere?

Details of the code and how to download can be found here.