The UKESF aims to ensure that all schoolchildren and young people are aware of Electronics and the variety of options available for study and work in the sector. We want to provide opportunities for all age ranges across the country to develop and pursue an interest in Electronics – both in- and outside of school, and on to university.

"It astounds me seeing how a device could be imagined, created and benefit lives. I want to be a part of the acceleration of Electronics."

UKESF Scholar, 2017–19


We have a lot of plans in the works to promote Electronics in schools, including:

  • Expanding the number of regional Go4SET hubs and establishing a mentorship training programme for company representatives involved in the scheme
  • Helping to design a new Electronics-focused resource pack for young women
  • Supporting the development of further residential courses and activity days for schoolchildren at various key stages
  • Creating resources to promote Electronics through our website and our scholars
  • Devising an in-school Electronics competition