Name: Alexandra

Sponsor: IDEX Biometrics

University: University of Southampton

Degree Course: MEng Mechatronic Engineering

What appeals to me about Electronics

Not only is Electronics a foundation of the modern world, but it is often the subject at the forefront of innovation in all areas – from medical applications such as prosthetics all the way to designing graphical processing units for creating CGI movie effects.

Despite the breadth of the subject, each area within electronics has the possibility to be fallen in love with, and discover the boundless depth of that technology.

Why I chose IDEX

Studying Mechatronics, I have always been excited by physical interactions with electronics, and later in my degree I discovered a particular interest in robotics and particularly sensors. IDEX felt like a perfect fit from the first day I got to see around their office, with ideal remote working conditions and a plethora of opportunities to learn about biometrics, sensors, algorithms, and even to work with robotics in a company.

My placement and its value

IDEX created an outstanding schedule of work for me, allowing me to see all the parts of IDEX that I would be able to contribute to over the 12 weeks I was there for. Everyone I worked with was extremely friendly and supportive, which helped bring out the best from me while working there, and helped me develop many different skills – such as project planning, MATLAB app design, presentation skills, and excellent experiences for applying my skills from my degree to the workplace.

Outside of just skills and experiences, IDEX also gave me many opportunities to make contacts and to learn about other’s experiences in the Electronics industry, helping inform my career going forwards from graduating.

My interests

My favourite hobbies involve Hillwalking, working on personal programming and robotics projects, and archery.

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