"The kit features hands-on activities with a circuit board that teach core electronics concepts to A-level Computer Science students."

“Electronics Everywhere” featured in Hello World Magazine

An article by UKESF CEO Stew Edmondson has been featured in the latest edition of Hello World, a computing and digital making magazine for educators. The article explains how “Electronics Everywhere” kits are helping students develop the computing skills required for future careers.

“We know that computing is an increasingly popular A-level subject with 10,000 students nationwide sitting the exam in 2018; this was up 23 per cent on 2017. Despite this, there are few hands-on teaching resources available to schools to teach fundamental computer engineering. Therefore, working closely with academics from the University of Southampton’s prestigious School of Electronics and Computer Science, the UKESF has developed a Logic and Arithmetic Kit. The kit features hands-on activities with a circuit board that teach core electronics concepts to A-level Computer Science students.”

Read the full article HERE.

“Electronics Everywhere” is a collaboration between the UKESF and the University of Southampton, with support from the Institute of Physics and Computing at School. It is focused on raising attainment in the A-level subjects (Physics and Computer Science) and promoting Electronics by providing classroom sets of resources linked directly to the curriculum and by training teachers – find out more about the projects here.

So far, 175 schools/teachers have been involved, with over 700 boards distributed to schools. Extremely positive feedback has shown the approach to be effective and to resonate with teachers. In summary, “Electronics Everywhere”:

  • Provides re-usable classroom resources, manufactured in the UK and loaned, free of charge, to state schools;
  • Is aligned with A-level curriculum for both Physics and Computer Science (CS);
  • Connects Physics and CS curricula, through real world contemporary contexts, to future engineering careers;
  • Invests in teachers, enabling themto deliver the Physics and CS A-level curriculums in a more engaging, hands-on, way;
  • Offers online supporting materials for teachers, such as ‘real-world’ engineering problems, and explainer videos, along with extension work.

If teachers/schools would like to register their interest, they should contact the UKESF at electronics.everywhere@ukesf.org


Banner image: Logic & Arithmetic Kit © University of Southampton