Offering apprenticeships can help companies tackle their skills challenges; however, we need to do more to raise awareness about degree-level apprenticeship programmes among employers. Therefore, the UKESF has created a new factsheet, for TechWorks and NMI members, specifically about Degree Apprenticeships in Electronics.

“Apprenticeships are only for entry level – they are for low skilled employees.”

“Apprenticeships cannot be used for existing staff.”

Both of these statements are incorrect. Indeed, they are two of the most frequent myths about apprenticeship programmes.*

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes, which allow people of all ages, from school leavers to experienced workers, to work and learn at the same time by combining technical training with workplace assessment. Apprenticeships have been around for a long time but degree apprenticeships are a recent innovation in England.

Did you know that there are degree apprenticeship programmes in Electronics? And that companies with an annual payroll of £3m+, and therefore paying the Apprenticeship Levy, will be able to fund up to 100% of a degree apprentice’s tuition costs from their Levy contribution?

Find out more with our Degree Apprenticeship Factsheet.

*See more myths in the National Apprenticeship Service’s Top 7 Myths about the Apprenticeship Programme.