“The fact that the UKESF is still around and going strong is testimony to its value to industry, universities and other stakeholders.”
Indro Mukerjee

Co-Founder of the UKESF Indro Mukerjee has stood down as Chair of the Steering Board due to his new role as CEO of Innovate UK, following 11 years of service to the Foundation.

Indro said, “The UKESF was started as a project to do something practical to address the skills gap in the industry. The skills gap has been a well-known thing in the UK and much discussed, but doing is better than just discussing so the intention was to take a practical step of action.

It took a lot of hard work and determination to get things going, but it was very satisfying when we were able to launch what was effectively a private/public partnership, to link industry with universities.

The aim was to create something which would work in practice, become relevant and be long lasting, which is why the term ‘Foundation’ was used in the name.

I’m very pleased and proud of what’s been achieved over the last decade. The original aims have certainly been achieved.

The Foundation works well in practice, and feedback that’s been rigorously tracked from all stakeholders has been positive throughout. It’s certainly relevant in the industry, very well connected with all parts of it and often consulted and involved by both industry and government on skills matters.

The fact that the UKESF is still around and going strong is testimony to its value to industry, universities and other stakeholders. That’s the most pleasing thing of all.

The UKESF is pleased to announce the appointment of Lynn Tomkins as the new Chair of the UKESF Steering Board. Lynn has been involved with the UKESF as a founding Trustee since its inception in 2010, as well as contributing her time and knowledge as a facilitator and speaker at the yearly UKESF Scholar Workshop.

Lynn said, “I am delighted to be taking over as Chair of the UKESF, Indro will be a hard act to follow, however, I am passionate about the work of the UKESF and am looking forward to supporting the team, who have done a brilliant job despite the challenges of the pandemic. We have a brilliant community of supporting companies, universities, partner organisations and an expert board and a network of over 600 former UKESF Scholars.