UltraSoC supported the UKESF in running a competition to raise awareness about and interest in embedded systems among undergraduates studying Electronics. The competition highlighted excellence in students completing their major individual project on embedded systems and enabled understanding of how to architect and implement future complex embedded systems in the UK.

The Competition

This national competition was open to engineering undergraduates studying at one of the UKESF’s partner universities who were completing their major individual project (3rd or 4th year; 4th or 5th year in Scotland) with a principal focus on embedded systems.

Entrants were required to submit to their university contact a summary of their project on an A1 printable poster, including:

  • Aim and objectives relating to embedded systems
  • A schematic/circuit diagram (if applicable; projects based on simulations still eligible)
  • Results
  • Impact and outcome in relation to embedded systems
  • Next steps:
    • What would have made the project easier or better?
    • How would a more complex system be achieved?

Entries were reviewed by a judging panel including an UKESF board member, an academic and an UltraSoC representative.


The winner received £1,000, with a runner-up receiving £500. The prizes were awarded at the annual TechWorks Gala Dinner & Awards in London.


To qualify, entrants had to:

  • Be registered at a UKESF partner university on a BEng or MEng degree
  • Qualify as a UK or EU student for tuition fees or be a British National, with a permanent right to work in the UK upon graduation

Past Winners

2020 Jack Sampford, Loughborough University

2019 Yanislav Donchev, University of Southampton

L–R: Stew Edmondson, Torran Green, Aileen Ryan (UltraSoC), Yanislav Donchev

“At UltraSoC we believe that strong links with the academic world provide multi-faceted benefits to everyone involved – an opportunity for students to learn about and use state-of-the-art commercial products, an opportunity for UltraSoC to stay abreast of the latest academic developments in many related relevant fields, and the ability for us all to advance our industry together. We are delighted to sponsor this UKESF project and very much look forward to reviewing the entries.”
Aileen Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer