Name: Stuart

Job Title: Camera R&D Engineer

Why I chose to work at Specialised Imaging

I applied to SI after leaving university in 2019. The idea of working on high-tech equipment with an award-winning company was appealing, as was the responsibility and flexibility of the role. I liked the idea of being able to provide researchers with tools to break barriers on the extremes of physics. The company encourages the long-term development of its employees, so it seemed an ideal place to find my feet in industry.

What it’s like to work for Specialised Imaging

For me, it’s a varied job. It might involve characterising camera sensors, carrying out equipment testing, inventing and improving test methodologies, problem solving, exploring cutting-edge applications or working on new products that push the envelope of ultra-high-speed imaging that little bit further. Sometimes it’s hands-on (testing, building or experimenting) and sometimes hands-off (coding, designing or discussion). Many of the areas I covered in my degree studies have been useful, as realising a high-speed camera involves photonics and optics, electronics, thermal, material and semiconductor physics.

It’s a small company, so it’s a simple task to get to know everyone here. There’s a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and you’re supported to develop your knowledge and skills by colleagues with a lot of expertise in varied fields. You can get involved in many types of projects and your input is always valued.

My personal interests

In my spare time I enjoy playing the euphonium and piano, walking, reading, playing board games and meeting up with friends.

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