Name: Simon

Job Title: Compiler Engineer

Why I chose my degree programme

At university I studied a course covering both computer science and electronic engineering. I chose this because I like to understand how systems work from a high level (software) down to the low level fundamentals (how electronics work) to have a good understanding of all the various levels and then be able to solve problems across those different levels.

I particularly enjoyed studying the parts where there is a cross-over between the two disciplines, for example, computer architecture and how this can be implemented in HDLs.

Why I chose Embecosm

It is my enjoyment of low-level software/high-level electronics that lead me to my current employer, because compiler development requires a good understanding of how the various parts of computer architecture are implemented in hardware.

My experience at Embecosm

In my current role I develop backends for compilers, targeting our customers’ particular compilers. This involves optimizing the instructions generated by the compiler to minimise time, size or energy usage and building various tools to improve the experience of software developers. It is the latter part I enjoy the most as it requires me to think about and solve problems at a whole system level.

What I enjoy outside work

Outside of work, I run a video gaming community with some friends from secondary school. I also enjoy travelling and taking photos of the things I find.

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