Name: Simon

Job Title: Placement student

Describe your role at Chess Dynamics (previously Vision4ce)

My role consists of a variety of tasks. Primarily I test software & hardware on production units to verify that everything works and can be shipped to clients. This involves giving feedback to the relevant engineers, to discuss any problems and provide any solutions I have to fix these issues. I have also had many opportunities to liaise with the customer to discuss their product requirements and help resolve any problems they may encounter.

What was it like to work for Vision4ce?

My placement year at Vision4ce was extremely useful, as it provided me with the ability to enhance my skills in time management and communication, and gave me the opportunity to learn some new ones, including critical thinking & customer service skills. The opportunity to work in a small company has also provided me with a good insight into how a company works, which I don’t believe I would have ever received in a bigger organisation.

Would you recommend doing a placement at Vision4ce?

I would certainly suggest doing a placement at Vision4ce. Not only are the team friendly and enthusiastic, but working at Vision4ce has provided me with many skills and opportunities that I would never have gained otherwise. The skills that I have learnt at Vision4ce have helped prepare me for my final year, and given me the confidence to progress my career to the next level.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests

My hobbies outside of work mostly consist of climbing at my local climbing centre, and travelling around the UK in the sun to climb outdoors. I prefer bouldering and lead climbing compared to traditional climbing, as I don’t like the idea of placing my own gear inside of cracks which I would have to trust if I fell. During my final year I joined the University Royal Navy Unit as I have an interest in frigates and aircraft carriers. This was driven by the products that I worked on at Vision4ce.

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