Name: Shaun

Job Title: Graduate Engineer

What’s it like working at Partner Electronics?

I initially set out looking for an electrical engineering consultancy internship, which could offer me an insight into a range of different fields, as I was looking to streamline my potential career options. A bespoke design firm also appealed to me due to the close-knit teams. You have the chance to develop real relationships with everyone and can also pick up a lot of useful knowledge from senior engineers who have been working in your area of interest for years. Partner Electronics ticked every box for me, and after completing my internship, I was offered a graduate role.

My first couple of weeks have been super interesting! I’ve already learnt so much about the differences between working in the real world as opposed to doing coursework at Uni. Seeing the need for everything to be tracked and clearly documented every step of the way has been an eye-opener. Aside from that, everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful.

Tell us something about you?

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, shooting and following Formula 1. I have also hugely enjoyed the socials hosted by the firm, and getting to know my new colleagues outside of the office.

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