Name: Nitish

Job Title: Software Engineer

From puzzles to Electronics

As a kid, I was fascinated by technology, especially how someone could talk on phone with someone else who was thousands of miles away was a puzzle to me. I was drawn by that puzzle which led to another puzzle, and the process continued. It is the combination of curiosity, ambition and excitement in solving these puzzles that led me to undertake a degree in electronic and electrical. This decision makes me feel lucky because it gives me the opportunity to work in cutting-edged technology, for example a project on MIMO – as used in 4G – at University of Bristol.

Why I joined CommAgility

Having finished my studies, I decided to focus on the signal processing domain because it involves a lot of advanced technologies in electronic and communications. CommAgility, being one of the world-leading developers of embedded signal processing and radio modules, is an ideal place for me to start my career as a graduate.

I first joined CommAgility as an intern and since then I have been working on the latest technologies in multicore DSPs and RF. The plus point of working in an SME is that I am involved in various aspects of the product life cycle from designing, development, to implementation and testing. The experience and support I get from CommAgility is incredible. It feels pleasant and satisfactory to be a part of the project team developing exciting products which set new standards in the field. Moreover, the work culture at CommAgility is full of positive energy. Our motto at work is to work smart and play hard, in which the company has organised many events for all employees to socialise and relax.

Outside of work

Travelling and food are my two hobbies which urge me to explore the world and experience its varied cuisines. I also love playing badminton and tennis, and enjoy socialising.

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