Name: Mads

Job Title: Graduate Hardware Engineer

My interest in electronic engineering

I have been interested in electronic engineering since secondary school through exposure to computers and technology at a young age. The Information Age has enabled many improvements to quality of life that would not be possible without electronics. I enjoy being part of this and the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of engineering. Additionally electronic engineering is a very tactile field with different forms of feedback i.e. sound or video or touch. Thus interacting with manufactured hardware can both be fun and rewarding to see your design implemented.

Why I chose to work at Meggitt

I chose to work at Meggitt due to the challenge of working in the aerospace industry following regulations set to ensure passenger safety. I had no previous experience in avionics but had some exposure to safety regulations through motorsport design work at university. Working at Meggitt allows for a wide range of project work due to the broad client base from helicopters to airplanes, including both military and civil. Engineering at Meggitt oversees the entire project delivery lifecycle from system design to qualification allowing for you as an engineer to actually see your designed hardware. Furthermore Meggitt provides assistance and training in the tests that form qualification allowing for personal technical development.

The type of work I have done since joining Meggitt

Since joining Meggitt as a Graduate Hardware engineer I have had the opportunity to work on Meggitt’s latest generation project experiencing a mix of hardware design and testing. Responsibility has been passed on to me through a handover of the technical design of an LCD assembly. As a result I have been trained in both optical design and testing, broadening my engineering knowledge.

My interests

I’m a 3rd Dan black belt in Wado Ryu Karate having trained for over 10 years I now help teach younger students.

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