Name: Joss

Job Title: RF Design Engineer

Why did you choose Engineering?

When I was in school, I always loved applying maths to real-life applications, and so engineering seemed like a perfect fit. I was offered the opportunity to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at university, which introduced me to fascinating topics such as digital communications and electromagnetics. I hadn’t had any exposure to engineering as a subject before university, but after a couple of weeks of learning, I knew this was the career for me.

What is it like to work for Spectrum Control?

Being part of the Spectrum team has allowed me to be involved in all sides of product design and development, from specification and concept all the way through to testing and qualification. Life as an RF Design Engineer means breaking down large-scale communications engineering problems and finding practical and innovative solutions. At Spectrum, this includes products from radar, defence and satellite communications sectors, to name a few. As the design department is a close-knit team, I have also been able to get involved in other disciplines as well, such as thermal analysis and quality assurance.

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