Name: Joshua

Job Title: Engineer

Why Engineering?

As I was choosing a career path, I wanted something where I could apply my strengths in mathematics. Engineering seemed to be the obvious choice and I chose electronics as I was fascinated by how communications systems run.

What it’s like to work for MAC Ltd

I studied Electronic Engineering (BEng) at the University of Leeds and after graduating in the middle of the COVID lockdown I was unsure how to start my career. A recruiter reached out and suggested MAC Ltd and it has been a pleasure working here for the last 3 years.

Working in a corporate environment can often mean repetitive work or only working on one specific part of a larger project. At MAC Ltd I find I have more exposure to a greater variety of problems where every project will be challenging in different ways. I have been given plenty of responsibility and room to be independent in my work, whilst having a close-knit team that is there to help and mentor as needed. Being able to see a project through from start to finish has been a priceless experience for me as it has helped me see how to take the idea all the way through to production.

A day in the life at MAC Ltd

Each day at MAC Ltd will be different depending on the project. One of the benefits of working at MAC Ltd is that we use a wide set of skills as experts in Software Defined Radio (SDR). MATLAB, Python, FPGA design and C++ are some of the skills you can expect to develop during your time here.

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