Name: Joanna

Job Title: Silicon Product Engineer

Why I chose to work at Graphcore

During my final year of university I was looking for job opportunities and found Graphcore. When I came in for the interview everyone was very enthusiastic about what they do and I still see it here after having worked here for two years. People work here because they want to be here. That enthusiasm is infectious.

It was a very good opportunity for me to work for a small company which is working on such new and interesting technology. Graphcore also have a very nice and relaxed working environment which was very encouraging.

What I do

I work in the product test and diagnostics team. I have been at the company for about two years and in that time I’ve worked to help create our original test systems for our first chip. Now I still work in the lab with maintaining and improving our in-house test systems but I am also the technical lead for our reliability system for HTOL (High Temperature Operating Lifetime). It’s an interesting job where I get to combine my hardware and software skills with real world practical applications.

My background & advice for current students

I have a Masters in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol and I was UKESF Scholar of the Year for 2016. Joining the UKESF really helped me as it meant placements every summer. My advice for current students would be to try to get a summer placement every year. It really helps to get a feel for a real work environment as well as to help decide what you may want to do after graduation. When interviewing be enthusiastic and don’t be afraid to get the wrong answer just show your thought process and that you’ve attempted the question.

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