Name: Henry

Job Title: Senior Consultant

Why I chose Electronics as a career

I first got into electronics when I was making an electronic dice at school. At that stage I didn’t understand what the different components did, or how they worked together to create a working circuit, but I knew that I wanted to find out. This prompted me to take Electronics through to GCSE and A-level and then study Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems at the University of York.

Working at Plextek

As a consultancy business, the work that we do is interesting and varied with every new project bringing a new set of challenges, so the work never gets boring. This means that there is always a chance to learn new skills, and the supportive environment means that there are always people willing to help when you need it.

Why I chose Plextek

I was keen to find a company where I could get more experience with electronic hardware rather than software. I enjoyed learning about communications engineering at university and so a company with such experience with radio systems as Plextek seemed perfect for me to broaden my knowledge further in this area of electronics. Also, as a smaller company I felt that this would give me more of a chance to get a broader range of experiences rather than just focusing on more specific tasks – and this certainly turned out to be the case!

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