Name: Francis

Job Title: Graduate Design Engineer

What inspires me about Electronics

As a child I was always fascinated by technology and would always bombard my parent with the same question; how does it work? Pursuing this question kindled my interest in electronics and physics more generally but digital logic and computing was always a focus. In my spare time I would tinker with making simple logic circuits both with actual transistors and the simulator ( Online Demo). While I was studying my physics degree I got hold of some 74 series logic chips and started working on more substantial projects; it was around this time that I knew I wanted to be a digital logic designer after university.

My work at GF Micro

After graduating, I bumped into a neighbour who worked in this industry and expressed my interest, and as it happened their company was hiring. At GF Micro I am not only finally able to put my skills to real use, but also meet other like-minded and enthusiastic people who welcomed me with respect and kindness. I was put to work straight away on a new project GF Micro had taken on, and immediately felt part of the larger team cooperating to get the job done.

Beyond just designing digital logic I am exposed to the other aspects, namely testing and verification, but also the process of implementation to actually translate a design into silicon and the considerations and compromises that go into that.

GF Micro prides itself on its mixed signal (analogue and digital) design capabilities so the projects taken on by the company are always very varied, and you will never find yourself designing the same chip twice. There are always opportunities to grow your knowledge and to learn something new; exactly what I was after from the beginning.

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