Name: Doug

Job Title: Senior Engineer

What did you enjoy studying at school and why did you choose your degree subject?

Whilst at school I enjoyed the typical STEM classes such as physics, mathematics and computing, so pursuing a career in engineering appealed to my interests. Within those classes I particularly enjoyed subjects such as dynamics, energy and control systems engineering, and found a university course that allowed me to explore those subjects further in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

At school, I undertook a work placement in a local chemical processing plant, which gave me great insight into working in an industrial, science-based setting.

Why Frazer-Nash?

On finishing university, I aimed to continue to broaden my knowledge and understanding of technical engineering subjects. Engineering consultancy allowed me to do so in a practical and industrial setting, as opposed to remaining within academia. Frazer-Nash Consultancy presented the opportunity to work on a wide portfolio of technical projects across a varied spectrum of industrial sectors.

What does your current role involve?

I am currently a Senior Engineer within the Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Team, based in Glasgow, where I work on a wide variety of projects largely based in the UK energy sector. Within this role I enjoy being able to approach projects from a multifaceted viewpoint, derived from my experience of working with energy generators, system regulators, network operators and equipment owners across the whole gamut of the energy industry.

What are you personal interests?

In my spare time I enjoy rock climbing, trail running, outdoor photography and travel. Since joining Frazer-Nash in 2014, I have had many great opportunities to continue to explore these interests.

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