Name: Armen

Job Title: Senior Analog Design Engineer

Why I chose my degree

From an early age, I always had interest in disassembling things and understanding how they worked. Electronic devices were those of biggest interest to me. I came to realise that you won’t make a living by pulling things apart and you need to put them back together at some point or even better build something new and useful. This lead me into graduating with a degree in electronics and electrical engineering. I started my career with Synopsys, designing high speed I/O systems.

Why I chose Synopsys (previously Moortec)

I joined the company about one year ago. I was mainly interested in Moortec as it was a small yet fast growing company working on innovative products in the most state of the art technologies available such as 16nm and 7nm for a very wide range of customers across the globe. I have gained lot of new experience in a variety of areas. Problem solving and learning is part of the everyday design process.

My experience

My role as an engineer is working as part of the Analog design team developing and supporting high precision smart temperature sensors, voltage monitors, and process detectors. This involves the complete cycle of design, from specification to final product as well as silicon test chip data processing and customer support.

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