Name: Andy

Job Title: Senior Applications Engineer

At school

My favourite subject at school was Design & Technology. I studied it at GCSE and then at A Level along with Maths and Physics. It had a heavy electronics and software element and my A Level projects were products that included everything from PCB design to enclosure manufacture.

My Engineering degree

I couldn’t make my mind up whether I wanted to study Computer Science or Electronic Engineering at university, so when I found that University of Bristol offered a joint masters in both, it was the perfect choice. I undertook summer work placements at XMOS between my third and fourth year. XMOS was spun-out from University of Bristol and had hired many engineers straight from the university. I liked the young, start-up environment and the work was a good match for the skills I acquired during my degree.

And now

I am now a Senior Applications Engineer at XMOS. My job in the Applications team involves implementing a new set of Ethernet standards called Audio Video Bridging that enables time-synchronised, low latency streaming of audio and video. I enjoy interacting with customers and engineers worldwide, working in small teams, and working on an emerging application on a cutting-edge technology. When I’m not working I enjoy music, movies and travelling.

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