Name: Agnes

Job Title: Electronics Design Engineer

Why I chose my degree?

Growing up, I had no idea what career I’d want to pursue. I was good at science and maths and enjoyed practical work much more than theory – so some sort of engineering was what I expected to be doing, but nothing could hold my attention long enough. That is, until one day in physics class the topic of electronics was introduced, and something just clicked. Electronics is everywhere – we take it for granted that things work but I was fascinated by the how.

Why Nordson?

I joined a small start-up, vivaMOS, as a summer intern through the UKESF Scholarship Scheme. This company has since been acquired by Nordson, but the way my team works remains the same.

What caught my eye before I decided to apply was the product. I was, and still am, interested in medical electronics, so working with x-ray detectors seemed like the perfect way to get a foot in the door. Then, during my internship, I was given a task that allowed me to add some real value to an important project. The test suite I created as an intern is still being used by Production 3.5 years later!

After finishing university, I decided to return to Nordson as a graduate electronics engineer to complete a 2-year-long rotation. This decision was affected by the good experiences during my internship and the mentoring I received, in addition to the plenty of options for personal and professional development. I took on my current role after completing the rotation.

What do I do?

As an electronics design engineer in a small R&D team, I am involved in all sorts of activities. These include PCB design and debugging, IC design, firmware, embedded software, application software, as well as testing. The area I’m working on any given week changes with the progress of our running projects and depends on where the extra hand is needed.

Regularly switching up my tasks allows me to continuously develop my experience and keep my knowledge fresh. I enjoy working in each of these areas and could not commit to a single one to spend the rest of my career on – this way I get to keep my options open and can still choose to specialise later on.

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