"My confidence and soft skills grew in ways that could never be trained at university, and my knowledge of the way an engineering company operates will prove very useful in my future career."

UKESF Scholar, 2021


The UKESF can de-risk your search for graduates by connecting your company with the most capable Electronics undergraduates at the UK’s top universities. Through our established and well-respected scholarship scheme, you could provide industry placements, help to develop employability skills and encourage innovation, in addition to giving financial support to students.

Click here or scroll down to download the employers’ Scholarship Guide, and learn how the scheme can help your company.

96% of respondents to a 2021 survey said that they would recommend the UKESF Scheme to another company.

With the participation of our sponsor companies, we are delighted to say that the UKESF Scholarship Scheme became even more successful in 2020/2021. We really appreciate their support and wanted to share some highlights – please click here to read.

In 2017 the UKESF held a Celebration Event to mark five years since the graduation of the first cohort of scholars. A booklet was also launched at the event, looking back on the Scholarship Scheme to see how it has evolved and celebrate the achievements of the scholars thus far – download it here.

The UKESF Scholarship Scheme

  • Connects the most capable Electronics undergraduates with sector-specific companies
  • Manages the whole application and screening process
  • Provides scholars with summer work placements, annual bursaries and a personal development workshop
  • Allows companies to mentor the electronic engineers of tomorrow
  • Supports scholars to promote Electronics and STEM subjects in schools

How we can help you

  • We raise awareness of our partner companies with undergraduates at UK universities with leading Electronics departments
  • We give you access to the widest pool of talented undergraduates studying Electronics, only accepting applications from those with overall averages of at least 60%
  • We reduce your graduate recruitment and administrative burdens by allowing applicants to apply to up to four companies and filtering applications to forward only the highest quality for interview consideration
  • We increase the quality of your summer interns by providing scholars with the right personal skills and mindset to be ready for the workplace
  • We improve your intern-to-employee conversion rate, reducing your cost per hire

How you get involved

  • Accept at least one new UKESF scholar each year
  • Pay a bursary for your scholar for each year of the scholarship
  • Organise at one least one paid summer work placement for your scholar
  • Provide your scholar with a company mentor
  • Pay for your scholar to attend a UKESF Scholars' Workshop
  • Consider offering an additional paid work placement of 6–12 months for students on certain degree courses