"Electronics Everywhere matters to me both personally and professionally ... I am proud to support it and to promote the potential of the UK Electronics sector to a new generation."

Prof Bashir al-Hashimi CBE FREng, Dean, Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, King’s College London and UKESF Trustee

Electronics Everywhere

Companies can make a real difference and help promote Electronics in schools by supporting our “Electronics Everywhere” project. With your support, we want to provide an opportunity for children to develop their interest in Electronics and engineering through the school curriculum, and invest in schools by providing “Electronics Everywhere” resources across the UK. Since the project began in 2017, 550 schools have received kits, thanks largely to our supporting companies.

“Electronics Everywhere” shows young people how engaging Electronics can be. In collaboration with the University of Southampton, the UKESF provides specially designed circuit boards, designed and manufactured in the UK, to teach core Electronics concepts to A-level students in Physics (the Music Mixer) and Computer Science (the Logic & Arithmetic Kit).

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Following the success of The IET-funded pilot in 2017, the Music Mixer project was significantly up-scaled for 2018 with generous support from the ERA Foundation and 15 companies in the Electronics sector, and has continued to grow from there. Working with supporting companies and the Institute of Physics, the focus is to provide secondary schools with classroom resources and train their Physics teachers in Electronics.

In 2018 we continued our partnership with the University of Southampton by supporting the Logic & Arithmetic Kit. Through The IET’s Engineering Education Grant Scheme, funding was secured to develop these boards further and undertake a successful pilot project. Following this, Southampton now runs training sessions for Computer Science teachers and we provide classroom kits for their schools.

The “Electronics Everywhere” project has received formal endorsement and support from the Royal Academy of Engineering. We have been working together to promote “Electronics Everywhere” via their Connecting STEM Teachers programme and using their Teacher Coordinators to improve the learning resources.

In a 2021 survey of schools that have received “Electronics Everywhere” kits, 80% of teachers rated the kits ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ as a teaching aid. The overall reaction from pupils that used the kits was 95% positive, and 60% were more enthused about Electronics as a result.

The following companies have sponsored schools to receive “Electronics Everywhere” kits:

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Companies can make a real difference and help promote Electronics in schools by getting involved with this project: click HERE to find out how.