"We want talented people, like you, to join us and help make the future happen."



Our Scholarships

Placement location Type of Placements Offered Restrictions/Notes
Brentwood, Essex

Any placements

2019/20 Scholarships

Multiple new scholarships

Who we are and what we do

Sky is part of Europe’s leading entertainment company with over 23 million customers across seven countries, making life easier by entertaining and connecting people. It’s a genuine team effort. That’s why we want talented people, like you, to join us and help make the future happen.

At Sky we are always looking to improve, developing pioneering products and services that give every one of our customers experiences they’ll love. And it’s the work of our in-house Product Development and Technology teams that drive these award-winning innovations. Based at Brentwood, we have hardware and software engineers working with product designers to harness our creativity, technology and content to make sure our home networking and communications technology delivers the best experience for our customers.

What you could be doing during your work placement

You will join us in our brand new innovation centre to hone your skills on a wide range of Sky products. The teams here are involved in defining and developing all the Sky products that you would find in a Sky home; from the dish on the wall and the router in your hallway, through to the award winning Sky Q systems and even our Soundbox. You will have the opportunity to work alongside talented engineers in all our departments, including high speed digital circuits, embedded Software, power electronics, CAD, test and validation.

We are proud that we are fully vertically integrated – taking responsibility for the product from concept, design, implementation, procurement and through manufacture. We don’t stop there – we also control installation, repair and ultimately recycling. As a leading proponent of sustainability and reduction of single use plastic, you will also experience the challenges we face to develop products with an environmental footprint. We don’t expect you to have a deep understanding of any topic when you start with us, we just need to see enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, and in return we will ensure you learn skills that will help your onwards career.

Meet one of our UKESF Scholars

University of Leeds
Degree Course:
MEng Electronics & Computer Systems

How did you become interested in Electronics?

Electronics is a really creative subject – it’s one of the few disciplines where you can learn some new theory and go home and create something with that knowledge the same day. I love this idea and I think it’s super important to be able to understand and participate in the creation of the millions of electronic products around us.

Why did you want a scholarship with Sky?

I was eager to work for Sky as they make products which so many people have in their homes – things people touch every day. I’m really interested in how we can make people enjoy their experience with electronics more.

What type of work were you involved with during your placement?

For most of my placement I was working in a team doing a R&D project for future Sky projects, involving some really cool new ideas. This was a really fun and creative project to work on, especially as it was so different to anything I’d seen before. I was also writing low level code in C. It was great to do some work in the DevOps team too, writing Python code to help the programmers in the office.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love art and design and I am a member of the art society at university. I enjoy working with code and electronics to make generative artworks. I’m also really into conservation and gardening and enjoy working in the sustainable garden at my university. Currently I am doing the 3rd year of my degree abroad at KU Leuven in Belgium, and I’d really encourage more engineers to study abroad as part of their course!