For those who are determined to create and succeed, there are opportunities for them on the horizon. So, keep going!

Pratima Pai, Senior Director of Engineering at Qualcomm

We all know that Electronics is the fundamental enabling technology that our modern world is built on. It helps to make our lives and societies better. We also know that a strong Electronics and ‘deep tech’ industry is essential to the health of the UK economy. However, the demand for employable graduates is currently outstripping supply.

At the UKESF, we are working to address this critical skills shortage. We also recognise that we need increase the diversity of those studying Electronics and Engineering to ensure we build a thriving and innovative workforce in the sector.

We cannot address the skills shortage in Electronics, without addressing the barriers to entry for minority groups into the sector. Ensuring that inspiring ‘real’ models in Electronics are visible to the next generation of aspiring Electronics Engineers is vital.

“Representation makes a big difference. Being able to visualise yourself thriving in a profession, really motivates you to pursue it and that’s what we need to focus on.”

Bhavya Sharma
Renesas Award for Female Undergraduates 2021

So what does it take to succeed in the Electronics industry?

We’re delighted to share this fantastic article from Pratima Pai, a Senior Director of Engineering at Qualcomm, in which she passionately discusses the impact, variety and opportunities that a career in Electronics can offer. As she says:

“For those who are determined to create and succeed, there are opportunities for them on the horizon. So, keep going!”

Pratima Pai
Senior Director of Engineering at Qualcomm

Read the article in full here to hear about how Pratima’s love of problem solving, reflective mindset, and strong work ethic have led to her success and impact.

With the support of our sponsors, including Qualcomm, the UKESF is taking positive action to tackle the skills shortage. We are championing increased diversity of opportunity in Electronics and tackling underrepresentation, for instance through our Insight into Electronics and Girls into Electronics programmes. Please get in touch by emailing [email protected] to get involved

and support our work.