The UKESF is working hard to support the Electronics Sector. Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, we are delighted to report another successful year for our Scholarship Scheme. Through the Scheme, we continue to help employers connect with undergraduates from leading universities.

Employer Satisfaction

The UKESF’s relationship with sponsor companies is at the heart of our Scholarship Scheme, so it is reassuring to know that employer satisfaction remains exceptionally high. In a recent survey, 96% of respondents said that they would recommend the UKESF. Also,

  • 96% said support from the UKESF was ‘excellent’ or ‘good’
  • 82% agreed that the UKESF is value for money
  • 96% would recommend the UKESF
  • 100% of new companies said joining the UKESF was straightforward

“A very beneficial scheme which has attracted some very talented undergraduates.”

High-Quality Diverse Applicants

We now have 26 partner universities right across the UK, and continue to attract high-quality students from these leading universities. This year we received over 250 applications from undergraduates. In our survey, 90% of employers said the quality of applications was ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Our Scheme promotes inclusivity and we know that over the last six years:

  • 21% of recipients were BAME
  • 73% were state sector educated
  • 23% were the first in family to go to university

“We had a higher proportion of female applicants through the UKESF compared to our direct intern programme, which proved to be valuable to us.”

Supporting the Electronics Sector

Helping our industry tackle its skill shortage and encouraging more young people to pursue careers in Electronics is what the UKESF is all about. Enabling students to gain experience through work placements is so important. Our Scholarship Scheme is well established and we have supported over 600 students.

Of those who have completed their studies, 91% work in the Electronics and Technology sectors and 59% of graduated Scholars in employment work for a UKESF sponsor company.

 “The UKESF has been really helpful to me – the bursary is of course lovely, but the work placements were incredibly valuable and the Workshop taught me new stuff!”

 “I have found the Scheme very beneficial and it has contributed both to my studies and future career.”


We really appreciate the engagement from our partner universities and all the support from our sponsors. We will be in touch with companies over the summer to discuss participation in the Scholarship Scheme for the next academic year. For employers interested in learning more, there is a Guide to the Scheme here or email [email protected] for a call back.