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Technology is the future and technology depends upon Electronics. The UK Electronics industry is one of the largest and most successful in the world, but what is it all about?

Developed by the UKESF in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, this three-week course introduces the fundamentals of Electronics. The course covers key theoretical and practical concepts via interactive examples, including the basics of component level design from resistors to amplifiers, investigating how we power satellites in space and examining real-world control systems in action.

The aim of the course is to introduce you to the exciting subject of Electronic Engineering and to provide insights, ahead of potential study at university or college, or as part of an apprenticeship.

By the end of the course, you will have explored real world Electronic systems and their components, experienced how Electronics is used in the context of different systems and developed your own skills in analysing, designing, and producing your own circuits.

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This course is designed for pupils aged 15-18 who are considering studying Electronics and Engineering at either university or college.

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“I’m glad I chose to do this – I’m not an Electronics Engineer yet, but the course has fuelled my interest."

Course participant

“The course expanded on stuff I already knew while also telling me new things and applying those things to real life. Amazing”

Course participant


Week 1: What is Electronics

  • Introduction to Electronic systems
  • Transducers and Electronics basics
  • Sensors in systems

Week 2: Electronics in extreme environments

  • Power budgets and systems in space
  • Powering satellites
  • Space weather

Week 3: Systems and digital Electronics

  • Railway systems engineering
  • Digital Electronics
  • Platform shield walls

“This short course is a really good opportunity for sixth-formers to expand their knowledge and further develop their enthusiasm for Electronics. It will help them to make an informed decision about their degree subject, strengthen their university application, and support their preparations for further study.”

Stewart Edmondson, CEO of the UK Electronics Skills Foundation