"This summer has given me the chance to get some valuable experience and build my confidence ... I learnt key work experience skills that I wasn’t being taught at university."

UKESF Scholar, 2017–20


Please check that you meet the eligibility requirements before applying for a UKESF scholarship.

You can be in any year of your degree course, except the final year:

  • Students beyond the first year must have achieved an overall average of at least 60% from their most recent end of year assessment (earlier end of year assessments do not count).
  • First-year students must have achieved one of the below:
    • A-levels: AAA, including Maths
    • SQA Advanced Highers: AA/AAB, including A in Maths
    • SQA Highers: AAAA, including Maths
    • Advanced Diploma in Engineering: A overall, including A in units 8, 9 and ASL Mathematics for Engineering Level 3 Certificate (or A in Maths A-level)
    • BTEC: DDD, including relevant Maths units
    • Email [email protected] if you hold other equivalent qualifications