Schools taking part in Spark their imagination; power their future will be provided with free resources to help students develop their interest in engineering, electronics and computer science.  For teachers, they will help support the teaching of A-level Physics and Computer Science. During the programme, up to 40 state-funded schools in Wales will receive these resources.

More information about the resources, and how to register your school’s interest, can be found below.

Schools will also have access to a free online learning course about Electronic Engineering.

If you have any questions please get in touch [email protected]


Teaching Resources

If your school would like to receive any of the kits (Music Mixer Circuit Board – Logic & Arithmetic – Arduino Microcontroller) please register your interest

Spark their imagination; power their future includes free reusable classroom resources (Music Mixer Circuit Board kits and/or Logic & Arithmetic kits), with CPD training for teachers and a range of supporting materials. These resources can enable students to participate in hands-on and interactive activities.

The UKESF, in partnership with the University of Southampton, has developed these teaching resources to support schools and teachers in the delivery of A Level Physics and Computer Science subjects. 

Resources for Spark their imagination; power their future also includes Arduino (microcontroller) kits and suggested activities. The Arduino kits are designed for KS4 pupils and sixth formers interested in engineering, electronics and computer science. These resources are great for independent study and will provide a fascinating insight into these technologies, for those thinking about studying these subjects at college or university.


Online Learning

There are two free online learning courses available to students – UKESF: Introduction to Electronics Engineering and Arm Education: Introduction to Microprocessors.