"My A-level students loved seeing full adders being created practically and we managed to link the boards together. It really bought my lesson to life."

Morné Hoffman, Head of Computer Science, St Helens, London

Electronics Everywhere

The UKESF works in partnership with the University of Southampton on Electronics Everywhere, a collaborative project featuring the Music Mixer circuit board and the Logic & Arithmetic Kit, hands-on activities that teach core Electronics concepts for A-level Physics and Computer Science students respectively. Scroll down to learn more about the two kits.

The Electronics Everywhere projects are supplied free of charge to schools in the state sector; they come with CPD training for teachers and a range of supporting materials.

To find out how to get your school involved, please email [email protected].

Music Mixer

Following the success of The IET-funded pilot in 2017, the project was significantly up-scaled for 2018 with generous support from the ERA Foundation and 15 companies in the Electronics sector. Working with the companies and the Institute of Physics, the focus was to provide local secondary schools with classroom resources and train their Physics teachers in Electronics. Overall, 36 schools were supported in 2017 and 75 in 2018.

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The teaching tool is centered around the ‘Music Mixer’ circuit, which combines two audio signals, for example music from mobile phones, and encourages students to control the volume by experimenting with different electronic components, thus learning about electronic sensors (e.g. LDRs) and resistor dividers. The design exposes all components and demystifies the electronics for the students. Find out more here.

Download the guides:

Music Mixer – Student Guide

Music Mixer – Teacher Guide

“Having the devices on a PCB allows the learner to focus on changing parameters, taking values and getting a real understanding. No time is lost to fiddling with wires … This board is brilliant – I love it and know it is a fantastic piece of kit.”

Keith Matheson-McLaughlin, Joint Head of Physics, Graveney School

“The kit really allowed me to focus in on the lesson as it removes the set up … The students were engaged as they have never experienced of this type of Electronics before. The results they get are fantastic.”

Sarah Varley, Physics Teacher, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College

Logic & Arithmetic Kit

Following the success of the Music Mixer circuit board, the UKESF continued its partnership with the University of Southampton by supporting the Logic & Arithmetic Kit.

© University of Southampton

The Logic & Arithmetic Kit features hands-on activities with two circuit boards that teach core Electronics concepts for A-level Computer Science students. Through The IET’s Engineering Education Grant Scheme the UKESF secured funding to develop the boards further and undertake a pilot project for 24 schools in 2018, allowing Southampton to run training sessions for Computer Science teachers and provide classroom kits for their schools.

The kit covers aspects of Boolean operations, logic gates and base 2 (binary) number systems, and is split into two sections: Logic and Arithmetic. Find out more here.

Download the guides:

Logic & Arithmetic Kit – Student Guide

Logic Board – Teacher Guide

“It made a dry, but very useful, topic come to life.”

A-Level Computer Science Teacher, Bolton School

To find out how your school could receive the kit/s, CPD training for teachers and a range of supporting materials free of charge (state sector only), please send an email to [email protected]

The following companies are sponsoring schools to receive Electronics Everywhere kits in 2020:


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