Name: Tom

Sponsor: Rolls-Royce

University: University of Birmingham

Degree Course: MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering

What appeals to you about Electronics?

I’ve always had a keen aptitude for problem solving ever since I was young, I used to love doing Rubik’s cubes and Sudokus. Electronics combines problem solving with creative solutions to allow multiple different solutions to problems and so is perfect for me. My Electronics A level project is really what swayed to do Electronics at a higher level though. Although nothing I did ever worked first time, I enjoyed the challenge of working out what had gone wrong and how to improve. When I finally got it working was one of the best feelings in my life! The wide variety of jobs is appealing as well!

Why did you want a scholarship with Rolls-Royce?

I applied to Rolls-Royce as they are one of the most prestigious companies in the world. Their work in the power and propulsion systems is unparalleled.

I knew that working at such a prestigious company would give me the chance to work with world class bespoke equipment and the ability to work alongside world class engineers, of whom I could pick the brains of at any time.

I’ve also always enjoyed reading about the Battle of Britain in WW2 and the roles the Spitfire and Hurricane played in it. So to work for the company that designed the engines for both these planes and shape the history of this country, was extremely appealing for me.

What type of work have you been involved with during your placement?

During my placement I was tasked with testing various pieces of equipment via temperature and humidity chambers. As anything designed by Rolls has to work from temperatures varying from -40oC to 70oC it is imperative that these tests be done. For these tests I had to design test circuits to ensure the correct limits were used, and write MATLAB scripts to analyse the results. Although shadowed by a senior engineer at first, towards the end of my placement I was trusted to complete these tests alone. These tests furthered my engineering know-how by allowing me to put in practice what I had learned at university into a real world application.

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside work I enjoy playing multiple sports. I play cricket for my local team and I am the vice president and first team captain of Dodgeball at the University of Birmingham. At Rolls I played for the football team, allowing me to make friends outside of my team. I enjoy watching Football, having a season ticket for Manchester City. I am also a keen musician having achieved grade 7 Saxophone and I still play to this day. I find this helps me relax after a stressful day!

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